As a modern woman who thinks of herself as a fashionista, you have to be careful about what you wear in all situations. It is autumn going on and really time to say goodbye to your lightweight summer clothing items. Whether it is raining heavily or it is a rally hot afternoon, you cannot allow the weather to ruin your style, especially when getting ready for an intimate date with your boyfriend. There are many girls who gate warm clothing as they believe they make them lose their sensuality and charm. However, there are still many ways to look beautiful and sexy with an autumn outfit if you know how to emphasize your beauty with the help of accessories.


1. A short dress with boots coupled with leather jacket

If you are going out to a café and then later to a bar or restaurant, you need something that is casual and also sexy. But you also need to appear modest at the same time. This is where a short leather jacket comes handy over your short and sexy mini dress. You can also put on your boots keeping in mind the cold weather.  Do not forget your stylish handbag, a beautiful necklace and matching bracelets.

2. Leather leggings below a loose blouse

If your date is after a long day at work, you can sport a different look with a large blouse over tight leather leggings. If your workplace allows leather leggings, you can head straight to your date wearing a shirt or a blouse over it. Just make sure that you have your high heels on to get that hot and sexy look for your date. Wear a large wristwatch and take a clutch in your hands. Makeup for such a date should not be aggressive. You will look just perfect for a date inside a restaurant or a bar in the evening.


3. Overcoat on boots and short dress

Don’t let rainfall dampen your spirits. All you need is an overcoat over your short and sexy dress with leather boots. You can wear anything from a mini skirt to a floral maxi dress underneath your overcoat to protect yourself from rain and still look hot and sexy during the date. In fact, your overcoat will not only provide the much needed warmth but also the classy touch of modesty that you need over your sexy black dress.

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