The Fashion Weeks this year were cultural hubs where everyone—designers, models, and more—exchanged fashion and hot trends, and also ideas and energy. They were incredible to experience, and not just because I’m a model turned designer, but because the air felt charged with the promise of a 2018 that is sure to bring us incredible new designs and inspiration. At Fashion Weeks all around the world, I was privileged to see new collections from Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and more.

Dress: Carolina Herrera; Earrings: Jennifer Fisher

The Brazilian fashion market went through an incredible transformation in 2017, and I could see those changes reflected in new trends all around the world. The world of fashion is at once vast and miniscule, as evidenced by what I saw. The designs were bold, innovative, and showed commitment to diversity, which is demanded from consumers. In an ever-competitive market, designers are turning diversity into opportunity, and as they do, creativity flourishes.

Keep an eye on upcoming trends, which include red as a power color, winter floral prints, and the return of both denim and the 80s. They say there are no new ideas, but I was inspired by the bold use of prints I saw while shooting in Paris, along with the inclusion of transparent clothing and overlays, which are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to the return of 80s fashion, I expect sequins and jean jackets to make big comebacks, with modern twists.

I had the pleasure of appearing on the cover of NYFTrends Magazine, which is available for free download at It was an honor and a privilege to return to my model roots and appear in this publication, not just because it was an amazing opportunity, but because the magazine discusses everything that I love about my work: originality, forward thinking, and world travel. I also believe this work helps to empower individuals and not just the brands featured in the articles.

As a Brazilian woman now living in New York, I relish opportunities like this to share my experiences and spread my love of fashion to the world. I hope this inspires other women, especially women entrepreneurs like me, to get out there, find their passion, and see the world. Or if they can’t, they can enjoy the photo spread I did for NYFTrends magazine from their own home.

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