Since I was very young, in Brasilia-Brazil, my family and close friends have always expressed to my mother that I should become a model.  At age sixteen while listening to the radio, I heard an advertisement by a local modeling agency recruiting new talent. At that point, i began my professional modeling career and the rest is history. I was given the opportunity of living and working in more than twenty countries from Asia to Europe and the United States. I presently live in New York.

As I established myself as a model in New York City,  I wanted very much to to share my journey, adventures and stories in a creative way.  I have always believed “that your soul reflects your beauty and fashion is simply an expression of oneself”. I felt inspired to develop my own fashion brand to express  the many cultures, people, landscapes and beauty that I have experienced in my travels in life.  Living and working in New York City has given me the platform to be original and thus becoming highly valued as a designer, collaborating with other designers and brands that share my same vision, purpose and values.

The ocean has always inspired me and diving has given me the opportunity to see and appreciate beauty and color in a completely different environment. My decision to design and launch my own swimwear line is a reflection of my love for the ocean. Not to mention that Brazil is internationally recognized for being the pioneers of launching new trends for the swimwear industry.

My first swimwear line, Nature’s Essence, “Raw Collection” was inspired by black and white art, film and photography. In 1826, Joseph Niepce was the pioneer of the first black and white camera, I wanted to express my appreciation and create a swimwear line that was simply, black and white.

As Brazil has great influence on swimwear designs, I wanted very much to improve the American cut Bikini and develop a swimwear line that was comfortable and custom cut for many diferent body shapes.

Online stores, showroom, trade shows and events

My inspiration for this collection was 100% based of my modeling routine. Every time I go to castings, I like to bring one pair of basic black or white bikini. Thinking of that, I had the idea to create the Polaroid collection, where all the pieces are reversible and the colors are B&W.

My biggest difference I would say is my lifestyle, which include life experiences, travels and hobbies. I value quality, the story behind the piece, the design and the exclusivity of the creation.

Women that are inspired by my lifestyle. Young, independent, determine and entrepreneurs. Who believes that they can make a difference to a better world around them.

Yes, it has been distributed by NYFT (showroom) across the country. And it will also be available soon on the online platform “Fashion in the City” for the final consumer. The official launch will be during the event “Brazil Fashion Miami” on November 3rd, at the luxurious Faena Forum.

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