As a model turned designer, my work reflects my past, present, and future. Being a world traveler and natural beauty enthusiast, I’m undertaking the fashion industry by empowering individuals as well as brands.


An Early Start

When I was a young girl in Brasilia, Brazil, my family and friends encouraged me to try out modeling. At 16 years old, I responded to a radio commercial, locally recruiting new talent, and that was the start of my career. After high school, I left my roots in the capital to pursue modeling in Sao Paulo. When I’d reached my goals in Sao Paulo, I left Brazil and began life as an international model. I’ve lived in more than 20 countries all around the globe, from Asia to Europe, and am currently residing in New York City.

The Rise of an Entrepreneur

As I established myself in NYC, I desired to share my journey, adventures, and stories in a creative way. I felt inspired to develop my own fashion brand to express the many cultures, people, landscapes, and beauties I experienced during my travels in life. Living and working in New York City has given me the platform to be what the world desires: original. This makes me highly appreciated as a designer, and offers me the opportunity to collaborate with other designers and brands that share the same purpose, vision, and values.

Moving Forward

I love what I do and I want to bring my inspirations to you. My life experiences, travels, and hobbies all add to my creativity and I channel that into my work. I aspire to be a role model for women who are young, independent, determined and entrepreneurial. I believe I can make a difference and better the world around us.

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