???????? Fall Makeup

Hello my dear friends!

Welcome back, today’s post is about this gorgeous fall makeup tutorial. I must say that the makeup did not go exactly as planned but I ended up liking the final result lol ????

I rarely see something and copy exactly the same. I usually get inspired by a photo and just change everything, creating my own combination of colours and technique.

I’ve recently started to become more interested in eyeshadows with earthy, reddish tones and I’ve  created this tutorial, to play around using such colours ????

This was the first tutorial that I have spoken during the video, so please let me know on the comments if you prefer this format or the previous one (where I fast forward everything and voice over) ????????

If you already understands makeup well and would like to skip all the talking, HERE you can watch a minute version of this makeup tutorial

Here you have the COMPLETE list of all the products I used to achieve this makeup look. And to make your life easier when searching for these amazing makeup products, I have them all linked to the store where they are available:

Strobe Cream – Mac

Pore Filler – NYX

Primer – Bioart

DW1 Concealer – Kryolan

Setting Powder – MK

Smoke Eyeliner – ACNY (coming soon)

Essential Nude Eyeshadow- ACNY

Coffee Eyeshadow – ACNY

I’m not into it Eyeshadow- MAC

Night Sky Eyeshadow – ACNY

News Flash Eyeshadow – MAC

Puffy Sponge- Adecco

Ice Eyeshadow- ACNY

Eyeliner – Too Faced

Better Than Sex Mascara- Too Faced


Lashes Glue – DUO

Foundation Beige 5 – MK

Concealer Age Rewind – Maybelline

Fix Plus – MAC

Contour Bronzer – ACNY (coming soon)

Blush – Bioart

Highlighter Soft and Gentle – MAC

D for Danger Lipstick- MAC

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