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Have you ever worn an outfit that just makes your day? Or have you travelled to one of your favorite places? In this post, I’ll show you a few of my favorite pieces in one of my favorite places.

Paris is one of the best cities! All the culture, the history, and the amazing food… what’s not to love? I feel so fascinated and delighted whenever I visit.

During this trip, I attended Paris Fashion Week and was inspired to wear some of my favorite pieces with the beautiful backdrops that the city offers.

Take a look below at my top 5 faves from my latest adventure:

1. Stilettos and Sweaters
These stilettos make the world my runway. I feel like a boss babe who is in tune with her inner self and lets her confidence shine. Pair those booties with a faux fur sweater and you have the makings of a high fashion outfit good for cool autumn days.

Ana Carttori favorite looks in Paris


2. Rocker Chic
I love showing my edgy side! Mixing military green with leather and fishnets made me instantly feel like a fierce woman with a rebel streak.

Ana Carttori favorite looks in Paris


3. Pretty In Pink
Paris truly is the City of Love, and this cute little black dress and jacket had me feeling pretty in pink! I wanted to capture the gorgeous afternoon light in the halls outside the Louvre. I had just had a latte at Café Marly before going sight-seeing.

Ana Carttori favorite looks in Paris


4. Fall Florals
Are you in love with floral prints as much as I am?
There’s just something so charming about them.
I think I could wear them all year long!

Ana Carttori favorite looks in Paris


5. Iconic B&W
There’s no city like Paris and there’s no match for a classic black & white outfit. The contrast of the colors and the boldness of the stripes draws your attention in, but the solid black jacket and leggings tone it down so you can focus on each piece.

Ana Carttori favorite looks in Paris


Those were my absolute favorites from my latest trip overseas, and I just could not wait to show them to you! I will be sure to post all the new and exciting things we have coming up, including Brazil Fashion Miami, which is a fashion trade show starring Brazilian designers and the recent launch of my new swimwear line.

More new things are in the works and I’m very excited for all the possibilities for the near future – stay tuned for more!

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