It’s rare to get a glimpse into the future of fashion, but some of the looks that are trending right now are undeniably about to blow up. They’re popping up on runways and in street fashion all over the globe, which can only mean one thing: soon, they’ll be in everyone’s wardrobe. Stay ahead of the curve by checking out these looks right now as I highlight some of the biggest new trends to try. Bustiers, exposed hips, and sheer fabrics, oh my! Get them while they’re hot.

It’s no secret that the 80s are back in a big way, but now some looks from the 90s are starting to crop up as well, such as baggy jeans and graphic tees. However, the exposed hip trend is definitely reminiscent of 80s-tastic body suits. Designers are loving to send models down the runway in high-cut suits like leotards, paired with low-slung trousers. The peek of skin is daring and fun. This comfortable look is sure to turn heads.

Pastels are taking root. Millennial pink is now becoming mint, lemon, and lavender, though duck egg blue is also cropping up more and more. Red remains the power color of the season, and it’s combining with other trends to form chic new ensembles. Head to toe red is a surprisingly easy look to pull off when combined with layering and different textures. Whatever the shade, bold, optimistic colors are everywhere. Now is the time to flaunt vibrant florals and ostentatious prints.

Socks are the hot accessory right now. Whether knee high or ankle, statements socks are an easy way to jazz up an outfit. Go for patterns, bright colors, and even florals, which have been inescapable this season, in the best way.

As far as fabrics are concerned, two types in particular were on every single runway: sequins and sheer. Glitter and peeks of skin are the way to go, so get your sparkle on and prepare to shine. Ruffles and fringe can be added to any of these looks for additional visual interest and more trail blazing style.

No matter how you choose to wear these exciting looks, your wardrobe is in for a glamorous makeover. Choose what you like best out of all these amazing trends, and your personal style is sure to shine through.

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