I am so excited to debut my swimwear and beachwear line! This collection is from Nature’s Essence and features some of my loves: the ocean, black & white color and complimenting style.  It was inspired by black and white art, film, and photography. The simplicity of black and white makes this collection strikingly beautiful and effortlessly chic.












Modeling has taken me all over the world and, as I have established myself in NYC, I wanted to share my journey, adventures, and stories in a creative way. I’ve always believed that “your soul reflects your beauty, and fashion is simply an expression of oneself”.  I felt inspired to develop my own fashion brand to express the many cultures, people, landscapes, and beauty that I have experiences in my travels in life. Living and working in NYC has given me the platform to be original and become highly valued as a designer, collaborating with other designers and brands that share my same vision, purpose, and values.

Why Swimwear?

The ocean has always excited me and scuba diving has given me the opportunity to see and appreciate beauty and color in a completely different environment. It made sense to design and launch my own swimwear line as a reflection of my love for the ocean.

Simply Black & White

My first swimwear line, Nature’s Essesnce “Raw Collection”, was inspired by black & white art, film, and photography. The foundation of this collection is based on my modeling routine. I understand a model’s need for a white or black bikini when going to castings. With that in mind, the Polaroid collection was created, where everything is B&W. They are also reversible, which increases your wardrobe options with each item!

Designed with You in Mind

I wanted to improve the American cut bikini and develop a swimwear line that was comfortable and custom cut for many different body types. My goal is for you to embrace your body and be empowered with what you wear.

These pieces are made out of Lycra for a perfect fit and for comfort. Everything has UV protection of 50 to help protect your skin from harmful rays.

From the Runway to Your Closet

My line has been distributed by NYFT showroom across the country and will soon be available on the online platform Fashion in the City. It was officially launched during a NYFT fashion event in Miami this month.

Check out a quick interview from NYFT:

Are you as excited about new fashion collections as I am? Let me know what pieces you think are essential to a swimwear collection in the comments!

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