We all want to have healthy skin! Not only do we want our skin to look good and feel good, but it’s also important to keep it healthy to avoid acne and dermatitis.

We already know the basics for healthy skin care include drinking eight cups of water a day and using sunscreen daily, no matter the time of year. But it’s also important to understand that our body changes with the seasons. Hotter temperatures make skin oilier, and colder temperatures make skin drier and more sensitive, so we have to be sure to hydrate.

Let’s start with summer! We are exposed to the sun’s rays more intensely during the summer. We have some great tips below to finish the season with a perfect tan, without worrying about those harmful UV rays.

What about moisturizers? Face moisturizers are specifically formulated for the pH of the face, and are different than body ones. Using the wrong one can cause your skin to be unbalanced and may result in breakouts, dermatitis, or eczema. Warm water is also a great way to soothe the skin, decrease inflammation, and protect from UV damage.

Face scrubs are one of the best ways to cleanse the skin. They help break up whiteheads, smooth the skin’s texture, and enhance blood flow to the skin, giving your face a fresh, soft look!

We also need to replenish the skin with hydration and nutrients. Natural juices are the best ingredients because they’re packed with vitamins and minerals. Consuming both fruits and vegetables can help boost the immune system as well.

How is winter skin care different?

You should definitely use moisturizers, but choose one designed for your skin type. One solution for taking care of really dry skin is to apply a light layer of an emollient moisturizer, followed by a cream moisturizer on top.

Colder temperatures cause the skin to lose its natural oils, making it dry and flaky. Use a gentle cleanser rather than a harsh exfoliator to daily clean your skin and keep it hydrated.

Consuming passion fruit and mango can also boost the defense cells located in your skin!

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